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Our primary concern is geared towards the specific and individual needs and requirements of the ship owners and ship managers. HPM continuously strives to propose and hire only the best trained, qualified and experienced officers and ratings for all principals.

All departing crewmembers are fully briefed on the terms and conditions of their contract prior to their departure. All crew recommended by our company are interviewed and screened on their past shipboard employment. The names of the selected crewmembers together with their previous experience are e-mailed to your crew department for approval prior to their departure. Crewmembers can be interviewed, processed and ready to depart given ten (10) working days notice and in some cases sooner if the seaman is properly issued his visa.

Crewmembers are also given prior to their departure, a list of duties and responsibilities for their respective positions in which they are required to keep with them during the duration of their contract. All seafarers take their Pre-Employment Medical Examination from accredited government and Ministry of Transport accredited Medical Clinics to ensure the validity and accuracy of their medical exams. In case of required by the Principal, HPM could supply at a very reasonable cost of working gears to the crew consisting of coveralls/boiler suits, jackets, safety shoes and stewards uniforms.

In order to be of better service to our principal, HPM maintains its Seaman’s Service Evaluation Report which is completed by the Captain upon disembarkation of the crew. This report is sent back to our Crew Department for proper evaluation of the seaman’s ability and conduct onboard the ship. HPM maintains a computerized listing of all our ex-crew for our and the Principals ready reference. 

In application to Flag State documents, HP MARINE is very good at connection with Panama embassy in Vietnam and it could obtains all types of Panama Flag Documents for its seafarer in soonest time possible.

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